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Style Team

Style Team

As the leading producer of decoration light fittings in Egypt, STYLE TEAM is regionally known for its high quality, innovative products and affordable prices. The company is specialized in producing indoor lighting for residential use as well as hotel & Resorts lighting

At the time of the company’s establishment in 1968, the lighting market in Egypt was still undeveloped and the only available lighting in Egypt was imported traditional lighting. Forced to buy only one type of lighting product, consumers were striving for a change. Consequently, STYLE TEAM introduced innovative product designs in the market with different surface finishes using unconventional raw material combinations, incorporating metal with other materials like wood, ceramic, marble and epoxy.

Always committed to establishing one goal “satisfying Customer Needs”, STYLE TEAM mobilizes all its sources to accommodate changing market requirements. Having the ability, knowledge and tools to provide a wide range of products with a different style to cater to a larger market sector STYLE TEAM became the biggest producer of decorative fittings in the middle East.