How can social media positively influence us?

Nowadays social media is one of the biggest influences on our lives. But lately, there is that trend to blame social media with anything negative happen to society. But before you join that trend read carefully to see how social media positively influence us:

– It enhanced our way of communication:

Social media helped us to connect in an easier and faster way regardless of location boundaries. You can connect with friends or family members who lives abroad, business connection or maybe people in authority to solve a certain problem.

– A basic corner in any business strategy:

Social media helped businesses reach far and wide. By using different platforms with active users, it effectively promotes two-way communication. Social media advertising is cheaper than traditional ones and has the ability to reach all demographics with different interests.

– Community Service:

Social media can increase awareness and spread the word towards certain causes. It can promote and raise money for certain charities.

– It can benefit mental health:

By expressing thoughts and releasing feelings. It can open new communication pathways and offers much-needed support. And also it allows people to discuss their crucial problems in an anonymous way without revealing their personalities to avoid embarrassment or criticism like a lot of feminine facebook groups.

Social media has its pros and cons and it is your own choice to decide which side you shall join.

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